4735 Williston Road
Williston, VT 05495
In the spring of 2008, we endeavored to create a business preparing premium
Italian Foods in Vermont. We wanted minimal ingredient lists, with local ingredients
and no preservatives - just as we often looked for but had trouble finding for our
young children.

By taking 50+ years of family recipes and merging that with exciting local
ingredients, we've built a line of frozen pastas including numerous flavors of
gnocchi, ravioli, tortellini, and noodles. We've also introduced a pizza line
comprised of Take & Bake pizzas, pizza dough, and baked crusts. Our pizza dough
is comprised of only 5 ingredients, of which 98% is sourced in Vermont for our
Traditional Dough.  

For over 2 years we operated as a manufacturer, distributor, and take-out
restaurant. However demand for our products quickly grew and we closed the
take-our portion to focus on wholesale.  Since that time, our products have been
showing up at stores, schools, and restaurants all over New England.  

We continue expanding throughout the Northeast to share the passion for terrific
Italian food that Nona and Rom instilled in our family.

We invite any feedback, questions, or comments and we will personally respond to
any inquires.

Thank you,
Dan & Nicole Roscioli